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MAWV Supports

  • Recognition of a midwife as primary caregiver and expert in normal childbirth.

  • Every client’s right to have access to midwives at home, in freestanding birth centers and in hospitals.

  • A variety of educational routes to midwifery practice, including apprenticeship, independent study, and formal coursework

  • Legislation to preserve the option of safe birth alternatives and to protect and support the profession of midwifery.

Who We Are

The Midwives Alliance of West Virginia is a non-profit professional organization for midwives in WV. Membership is open to Certified Professional Midwives, Certified Nurse Midwives, Direct Entry Midwives, and student midwives. We aim to be a resource for both midwives and consumers in our state.

What We Do

Education: MAWV members benefit from

continuing education seminars and workshops

designed to maintain and update their midwifery

skills and practices. Through education, MAWV

strives to provide a safe, comfortable birth experience. MAWV educational workshops are appropriate for a broad skill level range, including experienced and beginner.


Support: MAWV provides support to its midwives through extensive case, incident, and peer reviews with midwives who have expert experience in these processes. MAWV midwives have access to the extensive MAWV Standards of Care and Risk Factor Guidelines. MAWV midwives support student midwives through mentoring and assistance with apprenticeships.


Advocacy: MAWV advocates for the growth and advancement of an independent profession of midwifery legally recognized by the state of West Virginia. MAWV supports and practices the Midwives Model of Care.

Statement of Philosophy

MAWV is a professional organization of Mountain State midwives. The organization began in 1976 to provide support, education and advocacy for its members; and to encourage the development of a broader range of safe, available and affordable options for the childbearing family, with a special emphasis on our rural population.


MAWV asserts that YOU are the owner of your health and knowledge is the key to responsible ownership. With educational emphasis, MAWV members enable families to make confident and responsible decisions throughout the childbearing year.


MAWV promotes preventive care and considers prenatal care to be self-care, appropriately monitored by attentive health care providers. MAWV recognizes that the most valuable factors for successful childbearing are a well nourished and active woman supported by her family; combined with patient and observant guidance from an attendant experienced in normal, natural processes. Childbearing should be respected. Our philosophy states that routine use of technology is unwise and counter-productive.


MAWV recognizes each person's right to health care that is accessible, competent, and culturally acceptable. MAWV supports each woman's sacred and constitutional right to give birth how, where, and with whom she chooses.


MAWV recommends continuity of care: thorough prenatal education and screening; Informed Choice; competent attendants at labor and birth; and postpartum follow-up and outreach including home visits. MAWV recommends community-based health care and recognizes free-standing birth centers and home births as safe and viable options.

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